Join MAAVS Today

Send your application and check today to take advantage of belonging to the Nation's premiere African Violet Society. Once a year in the Fall MAAVS holds a large convention, second only to the AVSA National Convention in size, breadth, number of vendors and number of entries. In fact, we ocassionally host the AVSA National Convention since we're so good at doing it.

Your membership entitles you to the quarterly MAAVS Memo delivered to your mailbox. Only MAAVS Members can register and enter plants in the MAAVS convention and most importantly, MAAVS Membership puts you in touch with similar minded people in your region of MAAVS land.

We hope to see you in the Fall at the Convention. Download and print the applicaton, fill it out and mail it to join today. You'll feel better that you've taken the first steps to African Violet Nirvana.